Clean Agent & Special Hazard Systems

Sprinkler systems and other common fire protection systems protect your people and your building, but not necessarily the assets within your building. Special hazard fire suppression systems are warranted when your assets need to be preserved and where the cost of water damage would be excessive. Special hazards systems are typically required in facilities that contain equipment that’s exceptionally costly, irreplaceable assets (e.g., museum artwork), or electronics.

These systems are designed to detect and suppress incipient fires, to protect people, to minimize business disruptions, and to limit losses of assets and information. These systems also require uniquely trained and certified technicians for design, installation, service, repairs, and maintenance.

Dry Chemical Fire Suppression Systems

Dry chemical suppression systems release a dry chemical powder that smothers the area, thereby removing the oxygen and extinguishing the fire. They are used in environments that have unique hazards and demands, such as construction, mining, and industrial settings.

ABCO Fire Protection has been protecting people and their properties and assets in the Pittsburgh area for over 50 years. We offer dry chemical suppression systems and services for gas stations, spray paint booths, and vehicles. Our certified experts know that every detail matters and your system needs to be specifically designed for its purpose.

Gas Station Hoods

ABCO is an authorized distributor of The Attendant IITM Fire Suppression System by industry leader Pyro-Chem, which is designed to handle larger numbers of pumping islands and higher canopies, assuring dry chemical suppressants will reach the source of the fire. In business since 1920, Pyro-Chem offers the most up-to-date fire protection available.

Paint Spray Booths

As an authorized distributor of Pyro-Chem products, our team of technicians has undergone extensive training in the system design, installation, and maintenance of the MONARCH® dry chemical suppression systems. MONARCH offers cutting-edge technology and the industry’s most flexible and effective fire suppression system, which includes a dry chemical that, by weight, suppresses more fire than any other agent. Tested and approved in accordance with UL and relevant NFPA standards, MONARCH systems are the best in the industry.

Vehicle Systems

ABCO partners with ANSUL®  to design, install, and maintain the ANSUL A-101 fire suppression system, which is ideal for use on mobile equipment used in surface and underground mining, forestry, waste management, construction, and other industries. The system offers 24/7 fire detection and discharges proven ANSUL® FORAY Multipurpose Dry Chemical Agent, quickly knocking down and suppressing Class A, B and C fires to protect your high-value equipment.

Clean Agent Fire Suppression Systems

Clean agent suppression systems protect irreplaceable assets and the people around them without the collateral damage often associated with sprinkler systems. Fast-acting fire suppression, minimal cleanup and chemical residue, people-safe, and customization options are among the advantages clean agent suppression systems have over traditional water sprinkler systems. 

ABCO exclusively offers clean agent fire suppression systems from Fike®, an industrial life safety company that holds over 400 patents and is recognized around the world. Our certified technicians install, maintain, and repair Fike products including: 

Water-Mist Systems

Unlike traditional sprinkler systems, which are designed to merely “control” a fire – water-mist protection systems are designed to quickly and automatically detect and suppress incipient fires or high heat conditions. The advantages of water-mist systems include the ability to suppress a fire in mere seconds, ultra-fire water droplets that reach obscured flames, minimal-to-no water damage, and the deployment of just 1/10th the water of a traditional sprinkler system. 

Industry-leading life safety company Fike is ABCO’s preferred partner for offering industry-leading water mist systems. Our highly trained and certified technicians install, maintain, and repair the following Fike water-mist systems to protect your high-value assets.