Kitchen Systems

On average, over 7,000 U.S. eating and drinking establishments experience a fire each year, and the average loss per fire is $34,000. Moreover, according to Labor Department statistics, 40% of those businesses never reopen after the fire, and 25% of the restaurants that do reopen end up failing within two years. Finally, nearly 60% of restaurant fires involve cooking equipment. 

Protect your employees, your patrons, your building, and your community by ensuring you have a properly designed, fitted, installed, and maintained fire suppression system in your kitchen.



Average Loss Per Fire
  • Businesses that never reopen after a fire

  • Businesses that fail within 2 yrs of re-opening

  • Restaurant fires involving cooking equipment


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ANSUL® System Installations

We are passionate about fire safety and dedicated to our customers, so we only partner with the best major brands of fire suppression, detection, and alarm equipment. Which is why we exclusively offer kitchen fire suppression systems from industry leader ANSUL®.

ANSUL has been providing fire suppression equipment and safety training since 1939, and ABCO designed and installed our first ANSUL fire suppression system back in 1962. ANSUL systems are tested to the strictest standards by national and international third-party testing labs. No other fire safety manufacturer is supported by such extensive and rigorous research.

ABCO custom designs and installs ANSUL systems for your kitchen’s specific needs. When the system surpasses the specified threshold temperature, which is based upon the hood size and appliance specifications, the fire suppression nozzles release the right chemical, in the right amounts, and in the right pattern to protect your kitchen.

ANSUL systems also:

  • Protect more foodservice kitchens than any other brand
  • Include over 15 nozzle options for the precise type and amount of protection
  • Offer protection to all appliances under hoods
  • Are rigorously tested and proven effective
  • Are aesthetically appealing
  • Meet requirements of UL 300 and ULC/ORD-C1254.6
  • Include a five-year limited warranty

Routine ANSUL System Maintenance

Ensure you’re up to code and in compliance with NFPA guidelines for your required maintenance and inspections with ABCO.

Semi-Annual Inspections

Daily Inspections

12-Year Hydro Testing

Hood Cleaning

Routine, proper hood cleaning is required to remove the grease and other contaminants that accumulate and limit air flow in your hood, ducts, and fan, creating a fire hazard. Professional hood cleaning not only minimizes the risk of fire, it also prevents you from incurring health inspection, fire department, and insurance finds. Following our hood cleaning service, your system will operate safely and efficiently – plus your kitchen will look as good as new.

How often are you having your hood cleaned now?

Many business owners schedule semi-annual hood cleaning appointments. However, we find that most establishments require quarterly service to prevent the build-up of hazardous dust and grease.  Therefore, we often recommend quarterly service for protecting your kitchen, your business, your employees, and your customers.

Our team will evaluate your specific needs and recommend the appropriate hood cleaning schedule to ensure your compliance and safety.

ABCO invests in the most up-to-date equipment for optimal and efficient hood cleaning. Our latest power washer and magnetic scraper will clean your kitchen hood to the exacting regulations of the NFPA.

During your hood cleaning appointment, our certified technicians will thoroughly clean the hood, plenum, ductwork, and fan by performing the following:

  • Cover or remove the appliance and drape the hood
  • Scrape and clean the hood duct and plenum area
  • Pressure wash the system
  • Remove and reinstall the cleanout ports and reseal them
  • Clean the fan
  • Polish stainless steel hoods
  • Inspect the fire suppression system and fire extinguishers
  • Restore proper order to the kitchen when finished

Has it been more than 3 months since your last hood cleaning service? Ensure you’re not experiencing a hazardous build-up of grease and dust by calling to schedule your hood cleaning today.

ABCO’s certified, professional technicians inspect, and maintain all fire equipment and ventilation systems you need to keep your kitchen running effectively and safely. On-call for you 24 hours a day, our technicians are factory trained and passionate about keeping your property protected and adhering to the highest standards. We provide superior service and maintain your system to perform effectively, reliably, and in compliance with the UL 300 standard.