Fire Alarms

Fire alarms protect your investment and save lives.

Fire is among the most significant hazards a business can face. More than 100,000 nonresidential fires occur in the U.S. annually, resulting in over 90 deaths and over 1300 injuries. Plus, businesses that experience these fires face tens of thousands or more in property damage, which often cannot be fully recouped, even with good insurance.

ABCO is your premier partner for designing, installing, repairing, and inspecting your fire alarm system.

There are many variables to consider when selecting and maintaining a fire alarm system, including the number and placement of detectors, as well as the method of detection and alarm options. At ABCO, our trained, certified technicians design and install the fire alarm system that’s right for your business, to maximize your investment in fire safety. We also maintain and service high-quality fire alarm systems for commercial, industrial, nursing, educational, and municipal buildings, ensuring your system meets required codes and insurance specifications. 

We work with the following brands to bring you best-in-class systems and peace of mind.

Fire alarm systems are composed of detectors, alarms, and monitoring devices. But getting them to work together seamlessly requires a sophisticated network of wires, appliances, and parts, as well as strict adherence to exacting codes, laws, and regulations. In addition, each system must be custom designed to suit the layout and specifications of the building.

Our designers determine the number and types of control panels, power supplies, automatic detectors, manual pull stations, initiating devices, and alarms that are required for your building and create detailed plans. ABCO’s certified technicians use these plans to verify that the components installed meet all code requirements and are properly networked.

ABCO services all fire alarm system equipment, including

  • Heat detectors
  • Smoke detectors
  • CO Detectors
  • Audible and Visual Signaling Devices

In addition, we can also help you with your emergency and exit lighting to ensure that people can safely find their way to exits in the event of an alarm. Learn More.

Saving lives is, of course, the primary goal of your fire alarm system. However, business owners often have additional goals for their systems, such as minimizing property loss, reducing false alarms, and installing a system with longevity. ABCO’s team can help you not only keep people safe and stay up to code, but also achieve your additional alarm system objectives.

If your system is outdated or in need of an upgrade or repair, ABCO can help you find the optimal solution for getting your system in working order and up to code. Our team can diagnose problems and determine which components need to be repaired, replaced, or upgraded, and ensure the entire system works in harmony, ensuring safety for your people, your building, and your business.

ABCO, not only designs, installs, and maintains your fire alarm system, we also provide the monitoring system to back it up. Our goal is for you to have absolute confidence in your fire alarm system because you know you can trust both the system and the monitoring behind it. We provide reliable, 24/7/365 fire alarm system monitoring to immediately contact you and dispatch emergency personnel to the zone where smoke, gas, or fire was detected by the system. 

ABCO’s Central Station is UL Certified

Our certified technicians inspect your fire alarm system in accordance with the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Fire Code (NFPA 72), the fire marshal, and your insurance company. As part of your comprehensive appointment to and test all devices, your ABCO technician will:

  • Access all integrated system devices (e.g., heat & smoke detectors, pull stations, pressure switches) and test for proper functioning.
  • Test fire system monitoring, verifying that the monitoring company is receiving alarm signals and alarm zone information.
  • Inspect auxiliary and ancillary functions and connections, as well as the internal fire alarm panel.
  • Perform sensitivity tests for each unit.
  • Service and repair of code deficiencies to bring your system into compliance.

Your primary fire safety strategy is to prevent fires from starting in the first place through training and properly maintaining your facility. However, when a fire does occur, you need to be confident that your fire alarm system is maintained properly by a qualified company.

Stay up to code and ensure safety! Call us to book your inspection today.